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What is the use value of safety breaker?

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What is the use value of safety breaker?

The safety breaker has the advantages of multiple protection functions such as overload, short circuit, and undervoltage protection, adjustable action value, high breaking capacity, convenient operation, and safety, so it is widely used at present. Structure and working principle The low-voltage circuit breaker is composed of operating mechanism, contacts, protection devices, various releases, and arc extinguishing system.

  • Why is a safety breaker important?

  • How to use a safety breaker correctly

  • What is the wiring method of the safety breaker?

Why is a safety breaker important?

When it comes to electrical safety, one of the most important devices is the circuit breaker. But what is a circuit breaker and why is it so important?

A circuit breaker is an automatic switch that turns off power to an electrical circuit when there is a short circuit or overload. This helps prevent fires and electrical shocks.

There are two main types of circuit breakers:1) thermal-magnetic breakers and 2) electronic breakers. Thermal-magnetic breakers work by sensing both the heat caused by an overload and the magnetic field created by a current flowing through the conductor. Electronic breakers use a solid state device to detect an overcurrent.

Circuit breakers are important because they help protect people and property from fires and electrical shocks. They also help prevent damage to electrical equipment.

How to use a safety breaker correctly

As we all know, a safety breaker is a device that is used to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. But how do we use it correctly? Here are some tips:

- Firstly, make sure that the safety breaker is properly rated for the circuit it is protecting.

- Secondly, when using a safety breaker in an electrical circuit, always connect it in line with the load.

- Thirdly, make sure that the safety breaker is properly installed and maintained. Regularly check for any signs of wear and tear, and replace it if necessary.

following these simple tips will help you use a safety breaker correctly and keep your electrical circuits safe from damage.

What is the wiring method of the safety breaker?

The biggest feature of the safety breaker adopting rear-board wiring is that it can replace or repair the circuit breaker without rewiring, and only needs to disconnect the front-end power supply. Due to the special structure, the product has been equipped with a special mounting plate, mounting screws and wiring screws according to the design requirements when leaving the factory. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the contact reliability of a large-capacity circuit breaker will directly affect the normal use of the circuit breaker. Therefore, when installing It must be paid attention to and installed in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer.

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