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What is the future development trend of miniature circuit breakers?

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What is the future development trend of miniature circuit breakers?

The miniature circuit breaker is mainly used for home use and generally only has short-circuit and overload protection. However, it is small in size, low in price, and easy to maintain. It is generally used at home. The maximum cutting capacity does not exceed 10KA.

What is the difference between MCB and RCB?

MCB is a miniature circuit breaker, while RCB is a circuit breaker with residual current protection. Different loads should use different types of circuit breakers.

An MCB or miniature circuit breaker is an electromagnetic device that embodies a complete enclosure in a molded insulating material. The main function of the MCB is to switch the circuit, i.e. automatically turn on the circuit (already connected to it) when the current through it (MCB) exceeds the value it is set to. It can be turned on and off manually like a normal switch if needed.

What is the connection between Type C and Type D MCBs?

1. The functions are different.

If it is a C40 type circuit breaker, it is generally suitable for use in home power distribution and lighting circuits, such as for controlling power distribution or lighting connections. If it is a D63 type circuit breaker, it is used to control industrial motors.

2. Different segmentation capabilities.

If it is a C40 type circuit breaker, its sectional capacity is about 4 to 7 times, while the sectional capacity of a D-type circuit breaker is slightly higher, which can reach between 7 times and 10 times.

3. The tripping current is different.

The tripping current of the C40 type circuit breaker is 5-10 times the rated current, and the tripping current of the D63 type circuit breaker is 10-14 times the rated current.

What is the future development trend of miniature circuit breakers?

Traditional AC miniature circuit breakers are mainly used as short-circuit or over-current protection appliances in power systems with AC 50hz and above. Due to the increasing requirements for power grid security and the rapid development of computer technology in recent years, people have begun to study new intelligent low-voltage switchgear to replace traditional low-voltage circuit breaker products. Among them, intelligent high-voltage vacuum load switch is characterized by its unique function which has been widely used.

With the continuous improvement of industrial automation and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, people have put forward higher requirements for the reliability and service life of electrical equipment. Therefore, there are many new intelligent components such as miniature circuit breakers and leakage protectors in the intelligent low-voltage power distribution cabinets currently on the market.

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