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What are the main components of the miniature circuit breaker?

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What are the main components of the miniature circuit breaker?

The miniature circuit breakers are characterized by small size, simple structure and convenient operation. The contact material of the DC miniature circuit breaker is made of copper-based alloy and has been specially treated to reduce the contact resistance and reduce the temperature coefficient.

What are the working conditions of the miniature circuit breaker?

1.The upper limit of ambient air temperature must not exceed +40℃, the lower limit must not be lower than -5℃, and the average temperature value of 24 hours must not exceed +35℃;

Note 1: If the lower limit is -10 °C or -25 °C, the user must inform the manufacturer when ordering;

Note 2: If the upper limit exceeds +40℃ or the lower limit is below -25℃, the user should negotiate with the manufacturer.

2. The height of the site must not exceed 2000 m;

3. The relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% if the ambient air temperature is +40 °C, and at lower temperatures a higher relative humidity is allowed, e.g. 90% at +20 °C. condensation should take appropriate measures;

4. degree of pollution: 2;

5. Installation category: Class II and Class III;

6.The external magnetic field of the installation site should not exceed 5x the earth's magnetic field in any direction;

7. Generally installed vertically, with a tolerance of 2° in each direction;

8.There should be no significant vibration or vibration at the installation site.

What is the application area of miniature circuit breakers?

The miniature circuit breaker is characterized by advanced structure, reliable performance, strong switching power, beautiful appearance and compact appearance. It is mainly used in places with alternating current 50 Hz or 60 Hz, rated voltage below 400 V and rated operating current below 63 A. It is used for overload and short circuit protection of lighting, distribution lines and equipment in office buildings, residential buildings and similar buildings, and can also be used for the rare on-off operation and conversion of lines. Miniature circuit breakers are mainly used in various places such as industrial, commercial, high-rise and residential buildings.

What are the main components of the miniature circuit breaker?

The miniature circuit breaker consists of the following main parts:

1. Breakable contact connection. It consists of fixed contacts and movable contacts.

2. Equipment consisting of metal cylinders or insulating cylinders incorporating separable contact connections and arc extinguishing devices and transmissions.

3. The transmission device that drives the contact.

4. Arc extinguishing equipment.

When the miniature circuit breaker breaks the circuit, it uses a mechanical method to separate the moving contact and the fixed contact of the miniature circuit breaker. When closing, the movable contact and the fixed contact are closed by the opposite mechanical movement. During the closing and breaking of the load circuit, an arc is generated between the fixed contact and the movable contact. The arc generated during the opening process is much stronger than during the closing process. If the cut-off current is very large, especially when breaking a short circuit, the arc is very large, and it is often very difficult to disconnect the circuit.

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