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How is a miniature circuit breaker constructed?

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How is a miniature circuit breaker constructed?

The miniature circuit breaker is installed on the interrupted distribution line to effectively protect the line and electrical equipment and avoid overload operation, resulting in certain safety risks to the line and electrical equipment. From this point of view, miniature circuit breakers have a high application value, and it makes sense to actively research and develop miniature circuit breakers. For more information about information about miniature circuit breaker, please read the following words.

How is a miniature circuit breaker constructed?

Most miniature circuit breakers are frame structures, and some are assembled with discrete components. Working principle The AC operating power is rectified to obtain DC power to supply the exciter winding of the main contact coil of the miniature power switch for excitation operation; at the same time, the rotor of the miniature motor rotates through the transmission mechanism to drive the anchor, move up and down along the slip ring to close the contacts;

If the load is short-circuited or heavily overloaded, the miniature motor immediately stops rotating; When the load is restored, the miniature motor continues to work.

How do miniature circuit breakers work?

The miniature circuit breaker uses the thermal expansion of the bimetal sheet to bend the release lever so that the miniature circuit breaker triggers and plays the role of overload protection. There will be a certain time difference in overload protection. When a short circuit occurs, the current flows through the induction coil to create a strong magnetic field that pushes the lever to quickly trigger the miniature circuit breaker.

According to the various protection functions, the trigger can be divided into overcurrent trigger and power failure trigger.

If the line is generally overloaded, although the overload current cannot make the electromagnetic trigger work, the heating element can generate a certain amount of heat, causing the bimetal sheet to bend upwards during heating. Press the lever to release the hook and latch and release the main contact. The head is disconnected and the power supply is cut off.

What is a miniature circuit breaker compared to compact circuit breakers?

The current maximum current of the miniature circuit breaker is 125A. Depending on the protection class, it is divided into B, C and D types, and according to the number of poles, it is divided into 1, 2, 3 and 4-poles, which are all models with leakage protection.

compact circuit breakers currently have a maximum current of 1600 A and a maximum rated voltage of 690 V. Depending on the ignition protection type, it is divided into distribution protection and motor protection; according to the number of poles, it is generally divided into 2, 3 and 4 poles; Models with leakage protection The current is below 630A.

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