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How does the miniature circuit breaker work?

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How does the miniature circuit breaker work?

The miniature circuit breaker is also a circuit breaker product with a wide selection and quantity, and its main function is to protect the electrical junction distributor device of the building. It is suitable for overload and short circuit protection of AC 50/60 Hz, rated voltage 230/400 V, rated current up to 63 A, and also can be used for the rare operation and conversion of lines under normal conditions, mainly for industry, commerce, high rise and residential buildings and other places.

How does the miniature circuit breaker work?

The miniature circuit breakers consist of drives, contacts, protective devices (various triggers) and arc extinguishing systems. Its main contacts are manually operated or electrically closed. After closing the main contact, the release mechanism locks the main contact in the closed position. The coil of the overcurrent trigger and the thermocouple of the thermal trigger are connected in series with the main circuit, and the coil of the undervoltage trigger is connected in parallel with the power supply. In case of short circuit or strong overload of the circuit, the anchor of the overcurrent trigger is tightened to release the free trigger, and the main contact disconnects the main circuit. When the circuit is overloaded, the thermocouple of the thermal trigger heats up and bends the bimetal, thereby activating the free release mechanism. In case of undervoltage in the circuit, the anchor of the undervoltage trigger falls off.

What are the installation requirements for the miniature circuit breaker?

1) The installation of the miniature circuit breaker should meet the requirements of GB13955-92 standard and product manual.

2) When installing the miniature circuit breaker, the power supply line, power supply mode, power supply voltage, and grounding type of the system should be fully considered.

3) The rated voltage, rated current, short-circuit shutdown capacity and shut-off time of the miniature circuit breaker shall meet the requirements of the protected power supply line and electrical equipment.

4) The installation and wiring of the miniature circuit breaker should be correct. Special attention should be paid to the wiring of the residual current miniature circuit breaker in single-phase, three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire power supply systems of different grid grounding forms.

What accessories are added to the miniature circuit breaker?

The miniature circuit breaker also adds some auxiliary measures to improve arc extinguishing performance:

(1) The arc extinguishing chamber is formed into a polygon;

(2) coating a layer of conductive carbon film on the inner wall of the arc extinguishing chamber;

(3) use graphite as an arc extinguishing agent;

(4) Increase the number of auxiliary contacts, etc.

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JIELI Electrical has been based in the low-voltage circuit breaker industry for nearly 20 years.



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